You can find a summary of the text and the recipe in English at the end of each post (since January 2013). Scroll down... but as you may notice, I am not a native speaker. So, please forgive me my lack of writing skills in English.

My name is Susanne, but in the net I am known as 'Mrs Ziii with triple i'. I am a food photographer and foodblogger, living in Vienna together with my husband, my daughter, the little tomcat and his girls. Readers of my blog know my family as 'Mr Ziii' and 'Miss Ziii'. Our cats are called Lorenzo the Red, Flora the Pretty, Fosca the Dark, Catarina the Terrible and Paola the Big. We have a large kitchen in the house as center of our social life and a lot of ideas relating to cooking and eating.

On this blog I publish recipes and stories mainly on the subject of food. For me almost everything turns about cooking and eating. I love it. But don't worry, I am not a trained chef and I have just the same qualifications and skills than all other. My recipes are usually kept simple. Sometimes they need more, sometimes less attention and sometimes I try new, more complicated recipes. Then I write down my experiences and learn together with my readers. I am closely connected to Viennese Kitchen and so many of my recipes are typical regional cuisine. But you can also find recipes from all over the world. If you are interested specifically in Austrian cuisine, use the keyword 'Austria' and 'Vienna'. Please enjoy and have a nice time on Ziiikocht.

Greetings from Vienna. Yours truly, Mrs Ziii

My professional website for food photography you can find here...


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